Thank you for visiting our web page dedicated to promoting peace in Nagasaki and throughout the world. The inspiration for this web page came from the person of Dr. Takashi Nagai, a Catholic physician who survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9th 1945. After the war ended, Nagai (whose own wife Midori was killed in the blast) became famous both in Japan and throughout the world owing to his many writings, which emphasise peace, forgiveness and the futility of war. In response to Dr. Nagai’s call to make Nagasaki the last city on earth to witness the horror of atomic weapons, we at Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University have decided to establish this web page which we have entitled “Let there be Peace!”. Our aim is to take the message of Dr. Nagai and of other Nagasaki atomic bomb survivors to an international audience, through which we hope to convey the importance of peace and the horror of nuclear war. Conscious that there will soon be no living atomic bomb survivors left in Nagasaki, through this web page we also wish to highlight the crucial role younger generations in Nagasaki are playing to promote peace (including the peace activities of many of our own students). We plan to upload articles, translations and other documents related to the Nagasaki atomic bombing on an ongoing basis. These will be in a variety of languages, including English and German.

自ら被爆しながら、世界平和を訴え続けた医師 永井隆博士の精神に倣い、様々な平和を目指す活動を行ってきた長崎純心大学は、この度新たに、この「平和への思い」のWebページを設けました。ここでは、被爆者の方々の体験談、長崎で行われている小学校の平和学習や若者たちの自主的な平和活動、永井隆博士の生涯や著作など、長崎の被爆に関わる記事?翻訳?資料等を、英語、ドイツ語を含む様々な言語で、順次、世界に向けて発信していきます。